Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA)

Main project features

Advisory Services on developing Non-Revenue Water training modules

Activities Performed

Review and advise ACWUA on the development of training modules for Water Utility Systems in the following areas:

• Non-Revenue Water (Basic & Advanced)

• Physical losses

• Commercial losses

• GIS and Customers Management systems

• Metering programs

• Developing NRW strategies

• District Zoning and Networks Management


NRW reduction plan, knowledge sharing workshop and water utility management training

April 2018 – December 2018

Main project features

National Non-Revenue Water Master Plan

Activities Performed

• Review and propose improvements to the utility assessment methodology and tools.

• Contribute to the desktop assessment of utility assessment results, performance data, and collected utility information.

• Participate and present in the knowledge sharing workshop.

• Provide relevant international experience and case studies on how to plan for reducing NRW, considering similar context to Jordan.

• In consultation with key stakeholders, support ACWUA team in developing a detailed outline, elements of the Master Work plan for NRW reduction and key successful factors based on the international best practices and presenting it to the top management of the water sector, collect their feedback and reflect in the plan.

• Provide support on the holistic high-level approach for the purpose of the NRW Reduction Master Work Plan (MWP).

• Support ACWUA in setting up a simplified financial tool for the MWP with brief guidance that allows users to prioritize the proposed NRW interventions.

• Support in identifying the infrastructure needs and costs for NRW reduction and provide international experience from similar situations.

• Support the development of the NRW reduction MWP through providing guidance on its structure and content and addressing the institutional and technical components of the MWP.

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