Consultancy Service for Non-Revenue Water Reduction, Hydraulic Modeling and GIS for Addis Ababa City Water Supply System

Commissioned by: Z&A Antonaropoulos & Associates S.A.

Main Task

Development of an organizational structure for a new NRW Department in Addis Ababa Water and Sanitation Authority which will enhance the existing NRW operations and improve performance

Activities Performed

The work included a review of the current NRW activities and a detailed analysis of the proposed organizational structure for the new NRW Department including the need for relevant equipment and staff, detailing the skills, knowledge and educational level required for all staff that will comprise the new NRW Department. In addition the level of interaction between the new NRW Department and the existing operational units of the Utility was investigated and reported together with recommendation for setting up the new NRW Department


Consultancy Services for Fact-Finding and Identification for Building Up a Non-Revenue-Water (NRW) Investment Portfolio

Commissioned by: Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KFW) - German government-owned development bank

Main project features

The main output was a diagnostic upstream study with regard to NRW in the peri-urban and urban water sector and the related government policies and strategies

Activities Performed

Conducted fact finding missions to 3 countries in Eastern Africa (Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda) to identify potential projects to build up a Non-Revenue Water Investment Portfolio in the Region


Preparation of Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) Sustainability Agreement Baseline Indicators and Annual Technical Audit

Commissioned by: Z&A Antonaropoulos & Associates S.A.for Millennium Challenge Account Zambia

Main project features

The objective of the Assignment was to assist in the successful implementation of the Sustainability Agreement by providing a sustainability assessment and new performance indicators, establishing performance indicator baseline and target values based on a management and operations audit and monitoring progress towards the target values over the 5-year Compact Agreement period

Activities Performed

Established Baseline Performance Indicators and set Target Values for LWSC in order to improve the efficiency of its operations as well as annual performace indicator audits

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