Effective Pressure Management of District Metered Areas

Pressure management, real losses, District Metered Areas

Experiences in DMA redesign at the Water Board of Lemesos, Cyprus

DMA redesign, pressure reduction, active leakage control

Meter Under-Registration caused by Ball Valves in Roof Tanks

Meter accuracy, roof tanks, apparent losses

Sustainable Development and Management of Water Distribution Networks

Water networks, technological changes, strategic planning

The Hidden Costs of Resorting to Intermittent Supplies

Increased leakage, network deterioration, revenue loss

Water Balance - The Next Stage

Water Audit, NRW reduction strategies, NRW action plan matrix

Water Crisis - Bridging the Gap

Climate change, water shortage, water loss control

The Complex Interrelation between Intermittent Water Supply and Water Losses

Intermittent water supply, water losses, continuous supply

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