Hydrocontrol offers a range of advisory services to water utilities around the world applying the International Water Association’s best practices and methodologies in establishing and sustaining efficient and effective network operations including but not limited to the following:

Non-Revenue Water

  • Water audits and data validation
  • Active Leakage Control surveys
  • Minimum Night Flow concepts
  • Pressure management designs
  • Water loss control and management
  • Commercial efficiency strategies
  • Skills and knowledge transfer

Utility Management Support

  • Utility performance assessment and benchmarking
  • Water management business planning and coaching
  • Sector leadership advocacy and awareness-building
  • Custom designed training courses for building staff capacity

Intermittent Water Supply

Water Supply Engineering

  • Network hydraulic assessment and design
  • Environmental and hydrological studies
  • Feasibility and detailed design studies
  • Capital investment master plans
  • Infrastructure project planning and costing
  • Technical specifications, tender documents and cost estimates

  • Evaluation of supply continuity potentia
  • Strategies for transitioning to continuous supply
  • Solutions for mitigating the consequences of intermittency
  • Project design and costing for shifting to 24x7 supply

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